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  • Stress Management: Ease Tense Situations at Work

    While we may like our job, we don’t have input into who we work with, what colleagues we share a project with or how to change a poor methodology that makes customers angry. The only thing we can control is how we react to tense situations and what...
    Published on  May 14, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Make a Mistake at Work? When and How to Say You're Sorry

    Making a mistake at work causes you to become the ultimate team player. You'll need to dig deep, analyze your error and assess the damage. You can’t make amends until you understand the repercussions of your actions. Whether a minor oversight...
    Published on  May 11, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Dealing with Job Change Apprehension

    Experts say a “stress reaction” to change is normal; we are here to tell you that apprehension lives under that same umbrella. How we experience pressure is one thing, but it’s how we deal with job change apprehension that makes...
    Published on  May 5, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • The Realities of Working in Fashion

    Do you have the chops for what it takes to get into the fashion industry? Internships in the fashion business may not be as glamorous as you think. Here is a mini-primer on the ins and outs.
    Published on  May 4, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Do Your Homework for a Successful Job Interview

    The current job market is weighted to an employer’s advantage—they are getting any number of applications all vying for too few positions. Not to mention, but job interviews create anxiety for most everyone. Making sure you are well prepared...
    Published on  May 4, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • 10 Best Books for Inspiration and Self-Help for Home Office Workers

    The best books for inspiration and self-help for home office workers are here and it is a motley crew. Although these titles may seem like “one is not like the other,” they all benefit the home office worker whether he needs a design plan...
    Published on  March 30, 2011 to Home Office

  • Creative Ideas for Home Office Furniture

    A home office is not the first choice for decoration and unfortunately, that typically creates a room filled with a mishmash of furnishings. That's okay, but does it work? Here are creative ideas for home office furniture from stylish home office...
    Published on  March 22, 2011 to Home Office

  • Sample Letter for Rejecting Job Applicants

    When composing a letter for rejecting job applicants, make sure the document is timely and forthright – with additional comments if the job hunter has potential. Sending confusing, poorly worded or uncaring letters will not only offend the candidate...
    Published on  March 13, 2011 to Human Resources

  • 10 Easy Tips to Organize Your Home Office Fast!

    Working inside the home can be problematic if life or duties seep in from other areas of the house or if clutter takes over, creating chaos. Featured are 10 easy tips to organize home office space from defining task areas, to creating storage, furniture...
    Published on  March 12, 2011 to Home Office

  • 10 Tips for Designing a Professional Business Card

    Business cards are the best tool to convey your message—an extension of everything your business represents. In designing a professional business card, provide contact information, but treat it as a small-scale marketing vehicle; these tips...
    Published on  March 11, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

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