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  • How Bad Is BPA?

    You may have heard that BPA is dangerous to our health and even gone out of your way to purchase BPA-free water bottles. However, claims about the hazards may be exaggerated. How bad is BPA for us really and what is a common sense approach to its...
    Published on  January 22, 2014 to Green Living

  • Medical Trials to Make Money: The Hidden Dangers

    Would you consider participating in a medical trial to make money? Many people make some quick cash for enduring medical trials, some with potentially uncomfortable to downright painful side effects. Is it worth the risk? Learn more about this...
    Published on  January 14, 2014 to Medical Science

  • 10 Common Questions Asked in Job Interviews

    Worried about an upcoming interview? Prepare yourself by learning some of the most common job interview questions asked. Craft your answers beforehand, and come prepared.
    Published on  January 3, 2012 to Career Planning & Development

  • 10 Steps to Finding a New Career

    Use these ten steps to help you formulate your own plan for success in today’s tough market. Even if you’re already established at your job, you can set new goals to help keep you motivated and moving up the ladder.
    Published on  December 29, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Book Publishing: What is Publishing House Style?

    Authors generally have a lot of knowledge in their field or topic area but approach the task of writing their book without knowing the procedures for the preparation and handling of the manuscript. This publishing style—or "house style"—typifies...
    Published on  June 1, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Recession Proof Your Job: Most Stable Careers

    The recession in recent years has made many individuals wary of starting a new career. While there is no way to guarantee the longevity of any job, some careers are more stable than others, and more likely to survive a down economy.
    Published on  May 26, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Internships in Travel and Tourism

    The travel business: it sounds like a dream job, traveling everywhere, getting reduced rates for both transportation and lodging. You will get an internship and your entry into the travel industry will be cemented. Right? Maybe. Maybe not.
    Published on  May 25, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • How to Make the Most of Internship Opportunities

    Unemployment is high and jobs are scarce in a poor economy. An internship may be your ticket to a position of interest but only if you make the most of it.
    Published on  May 20, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • 10 Tips for Negotiating a Raise

    Whether you are quaking in your boots about asking for a raise or think you can go in there and wing-it, this article has the insight you need before you knock on the boss’s door. Find out how to do the research, evaluate your worth, and negotiate...
    Published on  May 18, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Privacy Policy: Employee Rights at Work

    Information is power. And, information collected about you is powerful in that it can be used to defame or discredit you. So, it is important to understand what private personal information is, how it factors into your work, and your employee rights concerning...
    Published on  May 18, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

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