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Andrea Campbell

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About Me

Andrea Campbell is the author of twelve traditionally published nonfiction books. She specializes in forensic science, criminal law, and entertaining. In addition, she is also an e-teacher, Editor of a professional organization's quarterly, columnist, and writer of Home and Living articles, interviews, and profiles of home products and services for her (National) website.

My Awards & Certifications

Andrea is a Diplomate and Fellow with the American College of Forensic Examiners International and these designations are received for her writing educational materials in both forensic science and criminal law and thus, advancing the goals of these disciplines.

My Experience

I have loved design and interior design ever since I was eight years old; I not only colored inside the lines, but created polka dots, stripes and madras plaids in my coloring books. My first inspiration came when I received my first four-foot tall metal dollhouse. I proceeded to lay down new flooring, wallpaper, and added architectural elements. I have been updating my surroundings and those of others from that point on.

In addition, I write a lot about forensic science, criminal and entertaining—including interactive parties, (yes, it's a motley mix) so you never know what you will find under my byline.

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