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About Me

Linda Richter is a native of Pittsburgh and an avid Steeler fan, transplanted to Ohio some 18 years ago. She is the mother of two daughters, ages 26 and 18. She loves reading and movies--especially tracking which of her favorite books have made it to the silver screen. No matter whether she is working at one job or the other or dabbling in community activities, Linda's favorite thing to do is organize tasks, marshal resources, and keep projects on schedule.

My Awards & Certifications

Bright Hub's Beacon Award, Community Mentor of the Year, 2011

Bright Hub's Spotlight Award, 2010

Meridian Community Care's Excellence in Service Award, 2006


My Experience

Linda's love of copyediting and writing developed years ago with the editing of medical manuscripts for several professors at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, and she subsequently wrote biographies for the staff of Pacific Communities Hospital in Newport, Oregon.She was an editor of The Phoenix of Western Pennsylvania Mensa, and she became certified in editing and proofing Chicago style. For over six years she authored two columns for her community’s newspaper, “The Richter Scale” (humorous commentary) and “From the Stacks” (book reviews). She is a partner of, which she and her real-life sister started because they work well together and they both love writing. She has also worked for NAA, an article marketing firm. In addition to her work at Bright Hub, Linda supervises the office and does case management at a drug rehabilitation center for teenage boys.

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