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  • Tips on Learning to Use Telescopes

    You have your first telescope. Whether it was a gift or you purchased it yourself, there is a curve to learning to use your instrument. You need tips on learning to use your telescope so you can enjoy it faster, and get the greatest pleasure from seeing...
    Published on  December 11, 2010 to Space

  • The 11th Dimension--Dualities, Branes and Multiple Universes

    As physicists grappled with the five string theories, they began to see connections between them. There were dualities between the strong and weak forces in separate theories that made them equivalent. It seemed they were all special cases of one main...
    Published on  September 4, 2010 to Space

  • Uses of Rockets----Today's War Rockets

    The military of virtually all nations have made rockets a mainstay of their arsenal in the 21st century. Obviously the U.S. and Russia have the more sophisticated systems, but Israel, France, and yes, Iran have highly effective systems.
    Published on  July 10, 2010 to Space

  • Uses of Rockets—From Military Artillary to Space Travel

    Rockets have been used as weapons of war for more than 2000 years. In recent years they have been used for atmospheric research, high speed flight research, and even more destructive war weapons. Today, they even take us into outer space.
    Published on  June 13, 2010 to Space

  • History of Rocket Development--From the Edge of Space to the Conquest of Space

    As the V2 and Aerobees were stretching into the upper reaches of the atmosphere at White Sands, other sounding rockets were coming on the scene. Some would morph into space launch vehicles at Cape Canaveral at the beginning of the space age. But the Soviets...
    Published on  June 1, 2010 to Space

  • Rocket Science - How Rocket Engines Work

    Rocket engines produce tremendous power by burning propellant in a combustion chamber, then forcing the hot gases through a smaller section known as the throat to increase their velocity. This is known as the Venturi effect. The gases are then allowed...
    Published on  May 27, 2010 to Space

  • The Photosphere of the Sun

    When we look at the Sun through a properly protected telescope, what we see is not really the ‘surface’ of our star. The Sun really has no surface. We see a rather tenuous part of its atmosphere called the photosphere. But a great deal goes...
    Published on  May 22, 2010 to Space

  • New Types of Propulsion in Space

    NASA today is developing new types of space propulsion systems that will shorten our planetary treks from years to weeks. Today our robot emissaries take months to reach our nearest neighbor, and years to reach the outer worlds. These new propulsion systems...
    Published on  May 15, 2010 to Space

  • What is a Sun Prominence?

    A solar prominence is perhaps the most spectacular display our Sun gives us. These huge loops jutting into space thousands of miles make us realize just how violent the Sun is.
    Published on  May 12, 2010 to Space

  • The History and Design of Modern Rockets

    Modern rockets had their beginnings on a snowy field in Massachusetts. From there, development moved to Germany. After WWII, the U.S. developed a number of high altitude sounding rockets, many of which would play an important role in America’s eventual...
    Published on  May 9, 2010 to Space

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