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  • Image Gallery - Spacecraft in Pictures

    The Space Age has given us some of the most exciting images in history. Rockets blasting off, spacecraft landing, images from other worlds. Here are a collection of some spacecraft in pictures that excited the world.
    Published on  September 26, 2011 to Space

  • Walking on the Moon Quiz

    It's been more than 40 years since the first man walked on the Moon. Today, NASA is preparing to return. How much do you know about the first expeditions? Let's find out with this Walking on the Moon Quiz.
    Published on  September 18, 2011 to Space

  • Rocket History and How Rockets Work: The Development of America’s Space Fleet

    After the IGY disaster, the U.S. began developing launch vehicles with a vengeance. It wouldn’t be until the SATURN V that America caught up with the Soviets, but in the meantime, they developed some capable, reliable vehicles. Two metamorphosesed...
    Published on  September 7, 2011 to Space

  • Juno--The New Jupiter Probe

    On August 5, Juno began a five year flight to Jupiter. On arrival, it will spend a year making measurements of the gas giant’s magnetic, gravity and radiation fields. It will measure the water in the atmosphere and other atmospheric components....
    Published on  August 31, 2011 to Space

  • How the Space Shuttle was Launched

    To launch a Space Shuttle required more than just the push of a button. Many preparations, tests, checks and operations had to occur even before the craft got to the pad.
    Published on  August 30, 2011 to Space

  • Mysteries of Our Solar System: What Lies Beyond Neptune?

    Beyond Neptune lie mysteries that astound astronomers. There was once a ninth planet. Now there is not. It instead is a part of a strange belt of similar objects on the edge of the solar system. Why was Pluto demoted as a Planet?
    Published on  August 14, 2011 to Space

  • The Curiosity Rover: NASA's New Mars Rover

    NASA’s new Mars Rover is bigger, stronger, faster, better (as the intro to the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ went) than those now on the red planet. In fact, it will be more curious, as well. Its name is Curiosity. It is now on its...
    Published on  July 26, 2011 to Space

  • Supermassive Black Holes and the Creation of Galaxies

    Since 1985, a group of astronomers and astrophysicists, calling themselves the Nuker Group, have been studying galaxies with active galactic nuclei, generally known as quasars. These galaxies all contain supermassive black holes and may have influenced...
    Published on  July 25, 2011 to Space

  • Mysteries of Active Galaxies and Their Types

    In the Universe there are galaxies whose central core—their nuclei—are exploding. Not in a destructive blast, but in a continuous stream of various kinds of radiation sent into space over millions of years. Some is visible, some in other parts...
    Published on  July 23, 2011 to Space

  • Nothing But The Facts About Asteroid Near Misses

    On November 6, 2009, a dark 7 meter wide asteroid was located just 15 hours from a near collision with Earth. A quick estimate of its trajectory showed it would pass within 14,000 kilometers but not impact our planet. It was a close call, but not the...
    Published on  July 16, 2011 to Space

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