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About Me

George Adcock worked in the Apollo program for a number of years. At Marshall Spaceflight Center (MSC) in Huntsville, AL, he wrote Launch Procedures manuals for the Saturn I launch vehicle. He also worked with the Future Studies Branch, with which he wrote the original design report for the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

Later, at the Launch Operations Center (LOC) at Cape Canaveral, he wrote reports on the Crawler/Transporter for the Saturn V. He also worked on the Atlas/Centaur launch vehicle and the Surveyor lunar lander project.

Prior to his Apollo work, he was involved in the Air Force’s Discoverer program. This was, at the time, a Top Secret project that orbited a camera over the Soviet Union, and recovered the reentry capsule, with the film, in mid-air.

My Awards & Certifications

Financial Writing Award--International Association of Financial Planners

My Experience

Editorial Background:

Editor: Pension World; The Financial Planner.

Business Writer: Atlanta Constitution

Bureau Reporter: Fairchild Publications

Major Freelance Credits:

International Commerce & TransportationFinancial

WorldWide Shipping MoneyLetter

ExportTodayPension Management

Foreign Trade Magazine Financial Planning

Southern Shipper Southeast Real Estate

International Freighting Weekly Vector

Southern Motor Cargo National Real Estate



Produce News Internet Security News

Floor Covering Weekly Electronic News

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Taxing Matters Fed Watch

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Major Book credits:

How to Build and Tax- National Institute of Business Management

Proof Your Estate

Planning for Profitable Hume Publishing, Inc.


Financial Planning Hume Publishing, Inc.

After You Retire

International Site Conway Publishing, Inc.

Selection Handbook (Editor)

How to Save 50% Rodale Press On Everything (contributor)

Special Projects:

Web content development, PR release and newsletter writing and editing for Albany Door Systems.

Special Reports for Accounts Payable Network including Fraud, Enterprise Resource

Planning, Interactive Voice and Web Response systems.

Port of Los Angeles Annual Report ('93, '94)


The Efficacy of Lump Sum Distributions for Pension Plans

Tangible Investments for Pension Plans


Marketability of a Publication for Healthcare Environmental Services


Funk & Wagnall’s: Articles for Encyclopedia

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Briefing papers on various diseases.

My Latest Articles

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