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  • Why Not Everyone Loves Siri

    Even if you weren't wowed by the new hardware that distinguishes the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, you couldn't fail to be impressed by the introduction of the all-helpful Siri. Or could you? Seems like not everyone is a fan of this killer...
    Published on  October 27, 2011 to iPhone

  • Guide to Designing and Publishing Your Own Magazine

    If you have a passion for something and want to share it with the world, then a website or blog is a natural choice. But what about taking that a step further and set up your own magazine? It's not as difficult as you might think, and in this...
    Published on  October 25, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • When Do Logos Become Plagiarism?

    To make a living in today's digital world, designers are increasingly forced to put their work out into the digital market -- exposing their designs which are then there for the world to see... and sometimes be copied. Plagiarism is nothing new when...
    Published on  October 23, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Are You Still Using MS Word for Your DTP Projects?

    If you're called on to produce a newsletter or a quick flyer, chances are you are clicking on that Word icon -- it's cozy, familiar and easy to use after all. But are you missing out on a whole world of creativity at your fingertips? When...
    Published on  October 20, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • It's Showdown Time - iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II

    After much anticipation the iPhone 4S has landed, and even though it wasn't exactly what we were all hoping for, it's still a pretty tough phone to beat. Or is it? Here we put two candidates for phone of the year into battle and see which...
    Published on  October 18, 2011 to iPhone

  • Love Music? Get These Great Music Download Apps for Android

    Let's say this quietly -- iPhone users are lucky in the respect that they have a built-in MP3 player and iTunes to download their music. However (let's turn up the volume now), there are some great Android apps for music download too,...
    Published on  October 17, 2011 to Google Android Platform

  • We're in the Money! Templates, Tips & Tutorials for Creating Auction Materials

    Auctions are one of the most fun ways that you can raise money for a charity or event. In the spirit of being charitable, Bright Hub has brought together some free templates for you to use to keep costs down. We also have stacks of advice and tips for...
    Published on  October 15, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Get the Vote! Templates & Tips for Creating Professional Election Materials

    It's so important when designing political and election publications that you hit the right note. A badly designed brochure could detract your readers from the message that you really want to get across. This collection of tips and templates will...
    Published on  October 15, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Accessorize Your iPhone 4S with Our Top Choices

    When compiling our list of top ten iPhone 4S accessories, there was no shortage of candidates. We have tried to provide you with a diverse selection of gadgets to keep everyone happy, taking into account usefulness, ease of use, and stylish looks that...
    Published on  October 14, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • Get Stylish Protection with These Top Ten iPhone 4S Cases

    You have your beautiful new iPhone 4S and are the envy of your friends, so you don't want to be dropping it without making sure it has top notch protection first. These iPhone 4S cases are highly rated, specifically designed for the 4S and will make...
    Published on  October 14, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

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