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  • Great Apps for Tween Boys That They'll Actually Use

    Much like buying a tween boy socks at Christmas, most app lists that you'll find with choices for them will contain a lot of apps that fit a stereotype rather than apps that a tween boy might actually use. Our top five list has something for all tween...
    Published on  November 18, 2011 to iPhone

  • Tying the Knot with iPhone: Best Wedding Apps

    There are an unbelievably high number of wedding apps for your iPhone that are complete rubbish. The wedding business is booming and, as you'll have no doubt realized already, as soon as you mention the word "wedding" the price is tripled...
    Published on  November 17, 2011 to iPhone

  • Parent-Approved Apps for Picky Tween Girls

    Who says tween girls are difficult? There are a lot of apps that promise to be for tweens, but that just don't hit the right note. Then there are those that are just plain garbage. You're right it is difficult! Never fear though, parents...
    Published on  November 16, 2011 to iPhone

  • Running with Your iPod: Apps You Shouldn't Miss

    After putting your running shoes on, it's likely that your iPod isn't far behind in your running armory. Even if until now you've only used it to play your favorite songs to help you up that pace, allow us to introduce you to some great running...
    Published on  November 15, 2011 to MP3 Players & iPods

  • What's Wrong with My iPod?

    As beautiful, well-designed and functional as Apple iPods are, it's inevitable that sometimes you may experience problems. No matter what model or generation iPod you have, there are some easy fixes. Here, we take a look at common and not-so common...
    Published on  November 15, 2011 to MP3 Players & iPods

  • A Brief History of Printing and Publishing

    As we merrily create eye-catching graphic designs on our computers, it's easy to forget where printing and publishing all began. Take a journey with us from the invention of paper through the Gutenberg press, the newspaper revolution, and find out...
    Published on  November 14, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Quiz Yourself: Are You Ready to e-Publish?

    If having a book you've written being published is a cherished dream, then there's good news -- it's never been easier to make your dream a reality! It's not as difficult as people would have you think, but you do need some knowledge...
    Published on  November 14, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Crafty iPhone Apps for Crafters

    Crafting is a very popular pastime, and now we have digital tech to help us in our quest to achieve the perfect finished article. Maybe you are a cardmaker or scrapbooker, or perhaps you prefer crochet, knitting or quilting? Whatever your craft of...
    Published on  November 14, 2011 to iPhone

  • Shaken, Not Stirred: Best Cocktail & Mixology Apps for Your iPhone

    If you want to host a night to remember then why not mix things up and get some cocktails on the go? You don't have to have a lot of knowhow, in fact you can even use whatever you happen to have in your drinks cabinet. Use any of these top iPhone...
    Published on  November 13, 2011 to iPhone

  • No More High-End Apples? What's a Publisher to Do?

    Apple is one of the top four companies that we have to thank for the invention of desktop publishing. The Apple Macintosh showed us the way a long time before Microsoft and the PC arrived. Now there are creditable rumors that the high-end Apples graphic...
    Published on  November 12, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

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