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  • Examples of Bad Font Use: Avoid These Common Mistakes

    When used correctly in a design, no one should really notice your font choice. If they do you've either got a lover of fonts on your hands or you've done something so terribly wrong your font choice sticks out like a sore thumb. Don't be a...
    Published on  August 15, 2012 to Desktop Publishing

  • Feeling Fit? Calorie Busting Guide to Fitness & Health with Android

    Whether you want to monitor those calories and go on a diet, or you just want to get fitter with a little exercise, don't forget to take your Android phone with you. This guide to getting fit with Android covers calories, diets, cooking, heart monitors...
    Published on  December 29, 2011 to Google Android Platform

  • Guide to Staying Fit and Losing Weight With Your iPhone

    Using one's iPhone is one of the easiest ways to track one's fitness. There are many apps that can help you achieve certain goals: personal trainers, calorie counters, sport-specific training, and motivational workout pacers. Pick up your...
    Published on  December 28, 2011 to iPhone

  • Cutting Edge Style and Protection for your Droid RAZR

    When you've invested so much money in one of the best phones on the market, it stands to reason that you want a nice case to make it feel all snuggly, loved and protected. Here are your top five options with varying degrees of protection and style...
    Published on  November 30, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • It's Treat Time! Handy Extras for the Galaxy Nexus

    Have your beautiful Galaxy Nexus in hand and wondering what treats you can bestow upon it to make it even more useful? Luckily, accessories for phones just keep on getting better; no matter which way you choose to use your phone. Don't waste...
    Published on  November 28, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • Vroom Vroom! RC Cars Buying Guide

    Buying someone an RC car in the holidays can be pretty stressful; which is a shame as the cars themselves are so much fun! Whether you are buying for a toddler, a teen, or that big kid that just won't grow up, we have got some great options...
    Published on  November 27, 2011 to Gizmos & Gadgets

  • Awesome Accessories to Sharpen that DROID RAZR

    A good outfit is nothing without its matching accessories, and the same is definitely true of a good quality smartphone these days too. But how do you choose from all those offerings out there? Here are the best Droid RAZR accessories that you can...
    Published on  November 25, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • Protect and Serve: Great Cases for the HTC Vivid

    So you have the amazing new HTC Vivid phone and you want to keep it looking as new and amazing for as long as you can. Check out some of the best protective offerings to keep your phone safe, sound and looking good.
    Published on  November 24, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • Top Notch Protection for Your Galaxy Nexus

    As we use our smartphones to pretty much run every area of our lives now, it's inevitable that with all that use and exposure to the outside world accidents will happen and your phone may fall. A great case is what you need, to protect your Nexus...
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Mobile Accessories and Extras

  • Best iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs need to be extremely organized in order to be successful, on-the-ball and know their field. Your iPhone not only keeps you in touch with the office when you are out and about but means that your productivity doesn't have to slow down...
    Published on  November 20, 2011 to iPhone

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