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  • The Beauty in Autumn Photography

    Enjoy this image gallery of autumn photography, fall leaves and the beauty of the season while learning some tips on improving your own photography. Nature provides the canvas, the camera paints the picture to capture the moment forever.
    Published on  October 1, 2013 to Digital Photography

  • Planning & Writing your College Admissions Essay

    Many applicants become nervous when considering the admissions essay. After all, it does play a large part in the admission process. Writing it does not have to be stressful! Just keep the following guidelines in mind.
    Published on  September 17, 2012 to College

  • Photographing Sunrises and Sunsets: Image Inspiration & Tips

    There is nothing more beautiful than the brilliant oranges, pinks, and yellow hues in sunrises and sunsets. In this image gallery, sunrises and sunsets come to life through the artwork of Scott Thadd Grant. Scott gives us beautiful imagery along with...
    Published on  June 25, 2012 to Digital Photography

  • Famous Photographers and Their Craft

    Throughout time, photographers have caught people and events on camera to let us relive that moment in our history. With these photos, we can study, remember and visualize what the era was like, where we were and what we need to change. Biographies...
    Published on  October 23, 2011 to Digital Photography

  • Changing The World Through Movies

    At least one movie has affected every one of us in our lifetime. Covered here are 25 of the all time best movies that have changed the world in one way or another. See if your list matches ours.
    Published on  October 13, 2011 to Digital Video

  • Camcorder Accessories for Under $100

    To protect your camcorder, or enhance it, the options you have for accessories is unlimited. In this image gallery, top video camera accessories for under $100 are displayed. Bookmarking this gallery gives you a guide to future gift buying for the...
    Published on  September 28, 2011 to Cameras & Camcorders

  • Comprehensive Guide to SanDisk MP3 Players

    MP3 players are great for working, jogging or just sitting and relaxing while listening to your favorite tunes. Check out this SanDisk MP3 player guide, which covers everything from reviews, accessories, tutorials on how to use the device and even troubleshooting...
    Published on  September 26, 2011 to MP3 Players & iPods

  • Organic Pest Control for Home & Garden

    Searching for organic combatants in pest control? In this guide for organic pest control for your home and garden, a variety of methods are explored to eradicate pests from your environment - safely. Bookmarking this guide keeps pest control answers...
    Published on  September 16, 2011 to Green Living

  • An Environmental Guide to the World's Oceans

    Dive deep into the world's oceans for an underwater exploration of the planet's marine environment. From the Arctic to the Antarctic this environmental guide is a voyage of discovery that takes in oceanic flora and fauna, and includes a health...
    Published on  September 12, 2011 to Environmental Science

  • Digital Downloadables - Free Photoshop Backgrounds

    When setting up a website or just putting together a scrapbook, digital backgrounds add the flair to set off pictures and text in our work. The top three websites for downloading free digital backgrounds from water to concrete are reviewed to help get...
    Published on  August 30, 2011 to Digital Photography

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