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About Me

As a freelance writer, I have written many articles, some that have been published in magazines. I enjoy writing about a variety of topics as I do believe you can never learn enough.

College was a whole new lifestyle, with a diverse range of folks, styles and personalities. I enjoyed every minute and would go back again if given the chance. Computer programming and computer operations was the main focus, however the course also called for writing courses. I got the most from the writing classes, having to write everything from creative writing to business propositions.

Degree in hand, I was immediately bored with computer sciences. I became a medical aide for an assisted living facility. I enjoyed this adventure, picking up a lot of knowledge in the medical field. Working with the elderly, I studied health issues, how to deal with them, nutritional information and how to deal with illnesses. I spent many hours comforting and providing medication for those who were terminal as well.

Writing came to the forefront of my life again, as I began writing for various sites. I've had some articles published in magazines and hundreds published online. I have found that this is my favorite line of work, along with one of my best pastimes.

Another passion I have is for photography. Taking several classes for the "old-style" film cameras that were offered in middle school, the passion for creating art through a lens began. My daughter has also taken up the passion for the camera. Her natural abilities in this media form has also been enhanced through classes she took from a professional photographer in town. She has passed this information along to me as well.

Walking through town with either video camera or digital camera in hand, iPod in the other, the city is an open canvas to bring art to life through these electronic devices and all while listening to music. What a difference the digital camera equipment makes! Many hours in the darkroom were great, but immediately having access to photographs is wonderful!

Writing for Bright Hub has given me the opportunity to learn through writing. Mixing the two has kept me intrigued in new topics and new adventures in writing.

My Awards & Certifications

Computer operations, computer programming degrees

My Experience

Writing for Bright Hub, Factoidz, Textbroker, Jonestown Report via the Jonestown Institute, and various other venues. Bright Hub has become my favorite place to be, as I have learned more here than any other place.

My Latest Articles

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