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  • Working Examples of a Balanced Scorecard

    The cornerstone of a good balanced scorecard is the selection of the right objectives and metrics to measure the performance of the organization. In these three examples you will see how performance measures should be molded to meet different business...
    Published on  May 26, 2011 to Accounting & Business Finance

  • Sample Flextime Proposal for the Employer

    Organizations are notorious for resisting change, so in order to convince the boss to implement a new flextime policy, you will need a convincing and solid proposal. Here is a sample flextime proposal for the employer that will get his or her attention...
    Published on  May 26, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

  • Best States to Retire on a Fixed Income

    When you think of the best states to retire on a fixed income, cost of living and low taxes matter the most, but don't forget about quality of life. These states offer a bargain for retirees with a few perks to make life more interesting during the...
    Published on  May 25, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Great Examples of Employee Empowerment

    Employee empowerment can come in all shapes and sizes, but its positive effect on employees' motivation and job satisfaction remains the same. Read more to see some great examples of employee empowerment that can change an organization’s culture...
    Published on  May 25, 2011 to Human Resources

  • Streamline Your Calls with Google - Registering, Choices, Options

    Google Voice is Google's answer for helping busy people manage and streamline their calls, voice mails, and text messages into one convenient location. Here's a preview of the sign up process and the choices you will be offered during the registration...
    Published on  May 23, 2011 to Google

  • Top 10 Stocks for Investing in Wind Turbines

    The demand and market growth of wind power has increased at an impressive rate of 27% during the last five years. For a list of the top ten stocks for investing in wind turbines that are well-positioned to take advantage of this remarkable growth...
    Published on  May 19, 2011 to Investing

  • Stock Ownership in America: Statistics and Trends

    While equities have outperformed every investment class over time, many Americans are passing up equities in favor of bonds and real estate. Here we look at some recent trends in stock ownership in America and the profile of the typical stock owner.
    Published on  May 13, 2011 to Investing

  • Are You Managing Stress Effectively? Test Yourself With These Questionnaires

    Stress is an integral part of our lives. You can't avoid it, but you can learn how to manage it so that it won't destroy your health or sabotage your happiness. Are you managing stress effectively? Find out the answer with these stress management...
    Published on  April 25, 2011 to Home Office

  • 10 Suggestions to Improve Organizational Climate

    Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition for homeowners, so why shouldn't businesses adopt this approach to give their organizational climate a fresher and warmer feel? Here are 10 suggestions to improve organizational climate and bring in...
    Published on  April 11, 2011 to Human Resources

  • Buying Wind Energy Stocks

    In the 1930s, farmers of the Great Plains cursed the winds that led to the Dust Bowl. Almost a century later, the winds have shifted and investors are looking at wind as one of the most promising alternative energy sources. Read more to find out how you...
    Published on  March 17, 2011 to Investing

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