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Tricia Goss

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November 03, 2008

About Me

Tricia Goss loves showing everyday computer users how Microsoft Office, Windows and other technology can make life easier and even more fun. She also enjoys offering tips and providing useful information to help readers improve their lives, whether at work or at home.

My Awards & Certifications

  • Certified in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Beacon Award Writer of the Year 2011

My Experience

Tricia has worn many hats in her professional life, from customer service rep to administrative assistant to onsite IT staff member. These days, she writes from her home office in North Texas.

Along with her work at Bright Hub, Tricia writes a daily tips and tricks email newsletter for www.officeusers.org. She has also written hundreds of articles for sites and publications such as The Dollar Stretcher, Good News Tucson and Fitness Plus, among others.

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