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August 23, 2009

About Me

Tania Kourempis Cowling is a former early childhood teacher, a published author of three teacher resource books (Shake, Tap, and Play a Merry Tune, Crafts for All Seasons, and Cooking With Kids all published by Fearon Teacher Aids), and freelance writer. She has written articles in early childhood teacher periodicals, parenting magazines and on the Internet. Tania is also certified in medical records administration, helping her write many health articles online and in regional magazines across the country. Tania enjoys writing about anything educational!

Come visit Tania on her personal website for more information on her books and writing.

My Awards & Certifications

Parenting Publications of America 1988 Gold Award of Excellence--judged by Medill School of Journalism--Northwestern University

Parenting Publications of America 2004 Silver Award of Excellence--judged by University of Missouri School of Journalism

CDA Advisor; Child Development Associate National Credential Program; 2008-present

My Experience

Author of three teacher resource books published by Fearon Teacher Aids:

"Shake, Tap, and Play a Merry Tune" 1992

"Crafts for All Seasons: A Hands-on Celebration of Seasonal Craft Activities" 1997

"Cooking With Kids: Recipes for Year-Round Fun" 1999

Parenting Publications of America (PPA)--print articles to regional magazines across the country

Copy Editor for Power and Wisdom: The New Path for Women by Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D. Guide & Editor--Freelance writer with articles on their main site

Freelance Contributing Writer for Internet sites--,, PeKu Publications, and Yahoo! Contributor Network.

My Latest Articles

  • Recycled Denim: Blue Jeans are Turning Green

    Denim has been a fabric of all genders that dates back to the Gold Rush days in American history. Today denim can be recycled and also repurposed into reusable items for the family.
    Published on  October 19, 2011 to Green Living

  • The Correct Way to Perform a Medical Urinalysis

    A urinalysis can be an essential part of a medical examination that aids a physician for treatment of a disorder. If you are conducting a routine sample, make sure to follow the correct procedure for doing a medical urinalysis test. Read on for further...
    Published on  August 6, 2011 to Medical Science

  • Advice for Parents who Miss their College Age Children

    So your child is off to college - what do you do now? Parents miss their college age children, but life must go on. Find some tips on how to survive the "empty nest syndrome" in this article.
    Published on  July 5, 2011 to College

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