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Teresita Doebley

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December 31, 2013

About Me

I am a gardener, procrastinator, teacher, wife, daughter, friend, step-mother, sister, pet owner, bike rider, angler, daydreamer, exerciser, not-a-very-good listener, walker, house cleaner, over-eater, jogger, lover, voter, tutor, avoider, writer, fantasizer, painter, eye glass wearer, giggler, vacationer, traveler, photographer, Facebooker, Twitterer, shopper, pooper, stooper--yes, I want to do it all!

I am a recently retired English- & English As A Second Language teacher. I so enjoyed teaching and watching my students blossom into active learners. In my spare time, I read quite a bit, volunteer at the local art museum, paint, garden, travel, jog--well, the list goes on.

Whether in the garden or in the classroom, I want to share my education with others with hopes that they too will develop a love for learning.

My Awards & Certifications

BA in Language and Literature

BA in British Literature

MA in Education

Scholarship from the Women's Business Association

Best Large Garden Award

Master Gardener Certification

My Experience

  • 18 years teaching community college-level ESL, middle school English and primary school ESL.
  • School Newspaper Advisor 3 years
  • School Yearbook 1 year
  • Peer Tutoring 5 years
  • Trained in watercolor painting from famous children's book illustrator, Earl B. White
  • Woodcarver

Additional Info

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