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After several years of consulting small businesses in the areas of finance, operations, and human resource management, I began focusing on one my passions: writing. I have been a freelance writer and editor for several years now with an emphasis on various topics in business and personal finance. I also draw on my experiences in both the management and ownership of several small businesses including a painting business, a cookie baking business, and an educational seminar.

I have BA's in both psychology and business management and a significant background in language studies and communication.

My Latest Articles

  • 10 Tips for a Better Business Trip

    As countless businesses seek out ways to keep their costs low in an attempt to ride out the economic turbulence, the cost of business travel has only gone up. Where business travel cannot be avoided, here are ten simple, relatively inexpensive tips to...
    Published on  August 15, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

  • Example of a Small Business Budget

    Want to know how to track the projected revenue and expenses for your business startup, the upcoming fiscal year, or a new business project? The following article provides information on small business budgeting, including links to an example of a...
    Published on  August 11, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

  • How to Start a Limited Liability Partnership

    A limited liability partnership (LLP) affords licensed professionals the ability to work together within a common business entity while benefiting from limited liability protection.
    Published on  August 8, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

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