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  • Experiencing Flow in Your Work

    The Flow Theory is a psychological concept that describes the feeling that results when your skill set perfectly matches the task at hand and you feel a positive sense of control and total absorption in your work. How do you get there? Can you control...
    Published on  November 19, 2013 to Entrepreneurs

  • Amazon Reviews: The Fake, the Funny, and the Downright Misleading

    From the humorous to the plain disingenuous, a lot of fake reviews exist on Amazon and the site appears to take a hands-off approach. Is there a policy? How easy is it to game the system?
    Published on  November 17, 2013 to Entrepreneurs

  • Fake Reviews on Yelp: How Big of a Problem Is It?

    Yelp was created to support local small businesses by giving them honest feedback from patrons. The website is now struggling to keep it’s good reputation by fighting fake reviews and damaging lawsuits. Can you trust what you read on Yelp?
    Published on  November 7, 2013 to Entrepreneurs

  • Have you Checked your References?

    Think it's not important to put down trustworthy references on your job application? Think again. Potential employers often rely heavily on references, and if they aren't satisfied with the ones you listed, they may do some hunting of their...
    Published on  October 25, 2013 to Career Planning & Development

  • Can You Be Fired for Posting on Facebook?

    Can you be fired for what you post on Facebook, or even what you like? It's happened before, and it is technically legal. Find out another reason to be careful on what you share on social media.
    Published on  October 22, 2013 to Career Planning & Development

  • Flexible Work Hours & Coworking Increasing in Popularity

    Along with the rise of more flexible work hours, some entrepreneurs and start-ups are participating in shared work environments or coworking. These companies are finding traditional office space unnecessary and instead meet in people's living rooms...
    Published on  September 27, 2013 to Career Planning & Development

  • BYOD Issues: The Good, the Bad and the Complicated

    Employees using their own devices for work-related purposes could be a positive thing for both employers and workers. However, there are a number of security risks and complications that arise when implementing a BYOD policy.
    Published on  September 24, 2013 to Entrepreneurs

  • Workshifting: The New Office Normal

    Do you check emails before you leave the house for work? Do you work after dinner at home, well in to the night? If you do, you are part of the workshifting trend. Workshifting is a recently coined term for doing work outside what are considered...
    Published on  September 23, 2013 to Career Planning & Development

  • Four Tips to Staying Focused When Working From Home

    Transitioning to a home office can be stressful. Many people who decide to work from home have worked in the structured corporate world for years and now have to learn a whole new way of managing their time. Learn some tips for staying focused on work...
    Published on  September 17, 2013 to Home Office

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