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Shobha holds an MBA degree. After working in a Stock Brokerage firm for a few years, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Her work began as an analyst and writer. In a couple of years, she managed a team of analysts, recruiting, assigning tasks and evaluating performance. She was also involved in the training and development of the equity team. With her work experience, she has a bird eye view of Investments, HR and Marketing.

Apart from freelance writing, she sings and dabbles in audio technology.

My Awards & Certifications

Exchange student in Helsinki, Finland

Copeland Fellowship with Amherst College, Amherst, USA

My Experience

Senior Officer - Equity Research - ITI Financial Services Ltd, Chennai, India

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  • Mobile Trading: How Safe Is It?

    Day trading on mobile devices is gaining momentum with today's active trader who wants to trade from any part of the world. However, security threats are a matter of grave concern. Traders need to know the different types of threats so that they can...
    Published on  August 1, 2011 to Investing

  • Understanding the Basics of Junk Bonds

    Most investors find junk bonds risky as they are below investment grade. However, these bonds can offer high rates of return and are highly profitable to bond funds. Investors need to have a complete understanding of junk bonds to determine how to invest...
    Published on  July 17, 2011 to Investing

  • Add Spark to Your Retirement Portfolio with Self-Directed IRAs in the Energy Sector

    Most investors find sector-specific investments risky. However, with the surge in oil prices, it may be wise to explore energy investments to balance your self-directed IRA. Recent government policies to boost renewable energy provide lucrative investment...
    Published on  June 28, 2011 to Investing

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