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  • Evaporation-Driven Engine Turns Water Into Light

    Water. Essential for life, and critical for global climate, agriculture, transportation and power generation. For thousands of years, humans have harnessed water, and now scientists are harvesting its evaporation in a bid to produce clean electricity...
    Published on  July 30, 2015 to Environmental Science

  • Surviving the Hottest Summer on Record

    When winter comes, all we can think about is how nice it will feel when the weather is warm again. However, there is a major difference between warm weather and intense heat. In this article, we explain how to determine the difference and how you can...
    Published on  July 27, 2015 to Medical Science

  • Replacing Plastic: Cellulose and 3-D Printing

    In a 3D printing, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden used a bio-printer to successfully print three-dimensional objects made entirely of cellulose from wood. In other laboratories around the world, scientists are developing technologies...
    Published on  July 10, 2015 to Green Living

  • Bacteria – Once a Feared Enemy, Now a Useful Friend?

    For hundreds of years, we have worried about bacteria in our food, water and war zones. While there is still good reason to fear many types of bacteria, researchers are harnessing others as “biosensors” or “bioreporters” to detect...
    Published on  June 30, 2015 to Environmental Science

  • Unleashing Your Inner Gardener: Urban Style

    In the heart of a city, it is challenging for gardeners to find a few inches of soil to call their own. An increasingly popular option – for both novice green thumbs and transplanted farmers – is to turn rooftops or balconies into a garden...
    Published on  June 26, 2015 to Green Living

  • An Audacious Expedition - The Ocean Cleanup Organization's Grand Vision

    The Ocean Cleanup Organization recently set forth on an expedition to chart the Pacific Ocean's "Great Garbage Patch". Why is this such an important step in cleaning up the world's oceans? Read on to find out more!
    Published on  June 9, 2015 to Environmental Science

  • The Increasing Reliance on Part-Timers in Higher Education: Does it Hurt Students?

    As more and more colleges are struggling to cut costs, they rely more on part-time or adjunct teachers who are paid a fraction of what a full-time professor would earn. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this deal for the university, instructors...
    Published on  November 7, 2014 to College

  • The Dangers of PCBs

    Few conversations about pollution get very far before someone brings up Polychlorinated Biphenyls – more commonly known as PCBs. What is this chemical, and why can it be so dangerous for our environment and our health?
    Published on  January 30, 2014 to Green Living

  • Overpopulation: Is It a Threat?

    In most of the more-developed, “core” countries of the world, population growth has slowed, stopped, or even reversed. Many people have used that as a sign that the threat of over-population is over. But, is that really the case?
    Published on  December 4, 2013 to Green Living

  • What's Bugging the Honey Bees?

    Many have heard of the mysterious disease affecting honeybees known simply as colony collapse disorder. Research into this phenomenon has revealed a host of other threats to honeybees. However, there is hope for their future.
    Published on  October 21, 2013 to Green Living

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