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  • Inside the Milky Way: Where is Earth's position?

    Where are we? That’s a question many people today can quickly answer by using a GPS device. But where is the Earth? More precisely, where in the Milky Way galaxy is the Earth and our Solar System? And, what is in the Milky Way? Read...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

  • Other Moons Of Our Solar System: Do They Too Have Phases?

    If you watch our moon over the course of a month you will see it grow from a sliver of a crescent to a blazing spotlight in the night—the full moon. But is this elegant property of phases exclusive to our moon, or do other moons in the solar system...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

  • Size of Solar System vs. Size of Our Galaxy

    Size is relative. How big is big? Well, if you have to travel from New York to Hong Kong that’s a pretty long trip, but it pales in comparison if you had to travel across the Solar System. The Solar System is big, but compared to size of the...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

  • Backyard Astronomy With Binoculars

    Viewing the night sky doesn't always require a telescope. In fact, a good pair of binoculars can bring you astronomical views of planets and constellations that you'll never see with a typical telescope.
    Published on  July 31, 2011 to Space

  • The Nature of Gravity in Space

    What do we know about gravity? We know that it keeps us firmly rooted to the surface of the Earth, and it keeps the Earth in orbit about the Sun. We know that it is the reason galactic clusters form and black holes form, but what is gravity and how...
    Published on  June 13, 2011 to Space

  • Subaru Telescope: Facts, Diagram and Discoveries

    I say Subaru and what do you think of? An automobile? Well, on this site, when you talk about Subaru, you are talking about a world-class telescope sitting high above the island of Hawaii on top of a dormant volcano. And, you could fit four Subaru...
    Published on  June 9, 2011 to Space

  • Exploring the Whirlpool Galaxy, M51

    There are probably no more esthetically pleasing structures in nature than a spiral, and this is especially true when one looks at the many different types of galaxies. The Whirlpool galaxy, M51, is an excellent example of a spiral galaxy. Read on to...
    Published on  June 1, 2011 to Space

  • Electrical Engineering Students: Preparing For Your Career With The Current Economic Recession

    You’re in college, working on your degree in Electrical Engineering and the news of the economic recession is scaring you? Don’t fear for what’s to come, things will eventually get better, but be as prepared as you can be for the...
    Published on  May 23, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Just What Is That Bright Star In The Night Sky?

    You're out one evening and a bright object in the sky catches your attention. What is it? A planet, a star, a satellite, maybe a comet or shooting star, or maybe it's a UFO? It could be any of these and more but read on before you phone...
    Published on  May 20, 2011 to Space

  • Closest Stars to the Earth

    Have you ever wondered while looking into the night sky just how far away the stars are? Or which are the closest stars to the Earth? Come with me for a journey to the 11 nearest stars to our home planet.
    Published on  May 20, 2011 to Space

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