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About Me

I've always been fascinated with science, space and technology. I was lured into science as a child watching "the original" Star Trek when it first aired many years ago. Complementing the adventures in Star Trek, I feverishly followed NASA's race to the moon first hand through newspaper articles and TV news. My interests have only grown over the years as our technology has allowed us to see more wondrous things than even our wildest imaginations could conjure up. What will the future bring?

In addition to the love of science (almost anything with an -ology at the end!) I've found an equally satisfying interest in music and art. Sort of the yin to science's yang, if you will. I've found much to admire and appreciate in the skills of a fine musician or gifted artist as they create works that are pleasing and stimulating to the ears, eyes and most importantly, the mind.

I've just published the novel, ORBITAL MANEUVERS, which is about a space shuttle crew's struggle for survival after a catastrophic asteroid impact on Earth leaves them damaged and stranded in orbit. It's available in print and ebook formats. Check out the web site for more information:

My Experience

In college I studied physics and astronomy and went on to get a Master's of Science in electrical engineering. I have worked professionally as an electrical engineer for the last 28 years. Most of that time was spent designing scientific instrumentation for environmental monitoring with a couple of projects for the space program, one of which was for the International Space Station. I am also a member of the Planetary Society.

My Latest Articles

  • Inside the Milky Way: Where is Earth's position?

    Where are we? That’s a question many people today can quickly answer by using a GPS device. But where is the Earth? More precisely, where in the Milky Way galaxy is the Earth and our Solar System? And, what is in the Milky Way? Read...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

  • Other Moons Of Our Solar System: Do They Too Have Phases?

    If you watch our moon over the course of a month you will see it grow from a sliver of a crescent to a blazing spotlight in the night—the full moon. But is this elegant property of phases exclusive to our moon, or do other moons in the solar system...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

  • Size of Solar System vs. Size of Our Galaxy

    Size is relative. How big is big? Well, if you have to travel from New York to Hong Kong that’s a pretty long trip, but it pales in comparison if you had to travel across the Solar System. The Solar System is big, but compared to size of the...
    Published on  November 1, 2011 to Space

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