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  • Who Invented DNA Fingerprinting?

    Sir Alec Jeffreys was the scientist who invented DNA fingerprinting and it has revolutionised forensic science and society. It is a powerful technology that's helped to solve thousands of crimes as well as resolving paternity and immigration disputes...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • How DNA Evidence Can Be Faked

    DNA fingerprinting is a powerful technology that's been used on thousands of occasions to convict criminals and exonerate the innocent. But, according to a team of researchers in Israel it is now possible to fake DNA fingerprinting evidence. What...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • How a Longevity Gene Could Increase Lifespan

    No one is going to live forever, and there's nothing we can do about it. Every living thing has a sell-by date. However, it may be possible to increase our time on this planet, or at least make our old age healthier by discovering, understanding,...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • Mouth Bacteria. It's a Jungle in There

    Your mouth is a jungle, home to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. When you open wide a fresh supply make their way inside. Most are harmless, taking advantage of the wonderful hospitality inside you. Let's looks at some of the many types of...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • What Causes Boogers?

    They fascinate children almost everywhere, and during our lifetimes our noses will produce thousands of them from the gallons of mucus we pump out. But what causes boogers and just what are boogers?
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • Looking for the Purpose of Junk DNA

    Junk DNA, that vast genetic wasteland of seemingly useless biological rubbish may not be such a waste of space after all. New research suggests that it has some function, and the purpose of junk DNA may have helped distinguish humans from other species...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • The Presence of Pus in a Pimple, Pustule or Wound: What is it and What Does it Mean?

    It’s not the most pleasant-looking of substances, but pus is actually a very good thing. It’s a sign that your body is fighting hard against infection. The white stuff has also played major role in the history of genetics, by giving the world...
    Published on  July 22, 2010 to Genetics

  • Getting Intimate with Three Types of Bacteria Helpful to Humans

    They get under your skin, up your nose, and all points in between. Bacteria are very ‘in’ to all your nooks and crannies as they thrive on and in the human body - and it’s a good thing too. Let me introduce you to three types of bacteria...
    Published on  July 5, 2010 to Genetics

  • What is Gas Gangrene?

    Gas gangrene is a condition where anaerobic bacteria release toxins that cause tissue death, and if not treated can be fatal. It usually occurs at trauma and wound sites.
    Published on  July 5, 2010 to Genetics

  • How to Make Teeth White with Genetics

    Whether you want the 'Hollywood Smile' and a mouthful of pure white teeth, or just feel the need to plug an annoying gap in your mouth, genetics may soon be able to come to your rescue.
    Published on  July 3, 2010 to Genetics

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