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  • Genetics History: The Top Ten Moments

    They give us everything, and without them we'd be nothing. Understanding how our genes work is giving us unprecedented powers to shape our own destinies. Our knowledge is increasing rapidly all the time. Human genetics, plant genetics and more, follow...
    Published on  May 24, 2011 to Genetics

  • Benefits and Risks of Genetic Engineering

    The goal of genetic engineering is to make debilitating diseases a thing of the past. While this is a noble goal, this branch of science also has risks. Learn about the pros and cons of genetic engineering and decide for yourself if the benefits outweigh...
    Published on  May 19, 2011 to Genetics

  • Tracking Down Offenders with the DNA of their Relatives

    DNA fingerprinting was first used in a criminal investigation in 1986. Since then it's been used to crack thousands of cases all over the world. The technology has also been extended to use the DNA of family members to track down an offender.
    Published on  May 6, 2011 to Genetics

  • Hunting for the Pathogen that Triggers Kawasaki Disease Symptoms

    Kawasaki disease is a rare illness that can cause damage to the heart and blood vessels. It's caused by bacterial or viral infection, but the pathogen that triggers the disease is unknown. However, human genetics research has discovered genes that...
    Published on  May 6, 2011 to Genetics

  • What is a Hox Gene?

    Without Hox genes you'd be a very different looking person. They ensure that your head sits on the top of your body, that your feet are at the bottom, that your arms hang by your side and that your nose is in the centre of your face. They are the...
    Published on  April 12, 2011 to Genetics

  • What Determines Eye Color? The Genetics of Blue, Green, Brown, Gray and Hazel Eyes

    From a sultry gray gaze to an icy blue stare, eye color is a fascinating topic that is still being unraveled by scientists. Eye color genetics determine, the structure of the iris, and the amounts and types of pigments in the eye.
    Published on  April 5, 2011 to Genetics

  • What is Williams Syndrome?

    Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by a range of health and mental problems such as learning disabilities, cardiovascular issues, and unique personality traits. It is caused by a deletion of parts of the long arm of chromosome...
    Published on  December 4, 2010 to Genetics

  • What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

    Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is the collective term for a number of inherited genetic disorders that affect connective tissue. This tissue supports many body parts, and the problems are caused by defects in the synthesis of the protein collagen. Find out more...
    Published on  December 2, 2010 to Genetics

  • The Best Cure for Stretch Marks: Your Genes

    Stretch marks are thin pieces of stretched skin. They are a common form of scarring created when the middle layer of the skin expands faster than the inner layer. Supermarket shelves are stacked with stretch mark creams and treatments, but many individuals...
    Published on  December 2, 2010 to Genetics

  • Genome Research: Why are Genomes Sequenced?

    The human genome may well be the one that we’re most familiar with, and it certainly put genes on the map by capturing widespread public attention. But it’s not the only genome in town as nearly 200 have been mapped since 1995. So why are...
    Published on  December 2, 2010 to Genetics

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