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  • What is de Grouchy Syndrome?

    This article presents an overview of the chromosomal disorder de Grouchy syndrome, with a look at its signs and symptoms, genetic basis and prognosis.
    Published on  September 9, 2011 to Genetics

  • An Introduction to Human Chimeras

    In some ancient mythologies chimeras were incredible beasts with a lion's head and a serpent's tail, a composite of two or more creatures. Human chimeras do exist, but they are nowhere near as fantastical. In fact the reality is rather more prosaic...
    Published on  September 8, 2011 to Genetics

  • How Can Malaria Be Prevented?

    Malaria is a huge problem in many parts of the world. In sub-Saharan Africa there are one million deaths per year to the disease. There is a great need for better prevention and protection. Genetically modified mosquitoes offer a potentially viable...
    Published on  July 11, 2011 to Genetics

  • The Genetics of Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease where the skin cells replace themselves too quickly causing scaly and crusty patches of skin. The exact causes are unknown, and though a faulty immune system plays a major part, genes are also to blame. This article...
    Published on  July 5, 2011 to Genetics

  • More Reliable Genetic Testing for Diseases

    Currently, testing for genetic disorders can only identify a very small percentage of the 15,000 known ones. However, a new test is on the horizon that has the potential to screen for nearly every kind of genetic disease.
    Published on  July 5, 2011 to Genetics

  • Bed Bugs Bite Back

    Bed bugs are big pests. It was assumed that their fire had gone out, and the threat diminished. But as their genomes have evolved, these blood sucking beasts are biting back... big time! Surprisingly, there have been relatively few genetic studies...
    Published on  July 5, 2011 to Genetics

  • Human Genetic Mutations: Just How Many Mutations Are There?

    It was JBS Haldane, one of the founders of modern genetics who speculated in 1935 that we would each have 150 new genetic mutations in our DNA. It turns out that he was in the right neighbourhood as the actual number of human genetic mutations each generation...
    Published on  June 28, 2011 to Genetics

  • Everything You Want to Know about Telomeres and Longevity

    Telomeres are repetitive regions of DNA at the tips of chromosomes. Understanding how they function could help to slow down the ageing process. Find out how with our telomere FAQ.
    Published on  June 28, 2011 to Genetics

  • Anatomy of a Pandemic Flu Virus

    Periodically flu pandemics strike, causing severe illness and sometimes death. Bird flu and swine flu make international headlines when they go on the attack. Understanding just how these virus particles wreak havoc will help scientists to develop therapeutic...
    Published on  June 27, 2011 to Genetics

  • Aliens and their DNA

    There have been countless alien sightings, yet definitive proof of their existence does not yet exist. If ET lives, and has a home, could DNA analysis help to locate him, it, or her? Find out more in this article.
    Published on  June 27, 2011 to Genetics

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