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  • Discovering New Tools for Heart Disease Detection

    When it comes to heart disease, early detection can be a lifesaver. But the tools aren't always up to the job; signs that something might be wrong can be missed. However, the development of new technologies promise to more accurately define risk...
    Published on  December 5, 2011 to Medical Science

  • Checking Up on the Health of Your Heart

    The camera never lies, and neither do PET scans, electrodes or MRI techniques. Discover how doctors are able to monitor the health of your heart to get a clear picture of what's going on, and without the need to open up the chest cavity.
    Published on  November 17, 2011 to Medical Science

  • Put Your RNA Knowledge to the Test

    DNA may grab most of the attention, but another nucleic acid is also available - RNA. Find out how much you know about this major macromolecule in our fun and insightful RNA quiz.
    Published on  November 14, 2011 to Genetics

  • Stop Blaming Obesity on Your Genes!

    Those who think obesity is due to their genetic makeup relish any news that 'fat genes' have been found as they look to blame something else for their predicament rather than their own habits and behavior. They are wide of the mark. If you are...
    Published on  November 10, 2011 to Genetics

  • Towering Figures in the History of Genetics

    Crick and Watson may well be the names that trip off the tongue when most people are asked to identify pioneering geneticists. But behind these two scientific giants is a crowd of equally brilliant researchers whose major contributions to the field have...
    Published on  November 10, 2011 to Genetics

  • The Towering Figures of Aviation History

    Hopping onto a plane and criss-crossing the continents is a straightforward affair. But behind the comfortably furnished fuselages and complimentary nuts lies an inspirational history full of pioneering people, machines, achievements, and breakthrough...
    Published on  October 16, 2011 to Aviation

  • An Introduction to Helpful and Harmful Bacteria

    We have a deep and long-term relationship with bacteria as our bodies, inside and out are swarming with these tiny microscopic cells. Some are friends others are foes. Which are the good guys and which types would do us harm? Find out in this guide...
    Published on  October 14, 2011 to Genetics

  • Fun Genetics Quiz : How Much Do You Know?

    Since Crick and Watson's discovery the world has gone DNA crazy. Have you kept up with developments, with the science of the times? Or do you know more about your jeans than your genes?
    Published on  September 21, 2011 to Genetics

  • Out of Control Cell Division: How Mitosis Can Increase the Risk for Cancer

    Without the process of mitosis there would be no cancer. Cancerous cells ignore or override some of the control measures of this type of cell division. Read on to find out more.
    Published on  September 9, 2011 to Genetics

  • An Overview of Cleft Chin: What is it and What Causes It?

    A cleft chin, also known as a dimpled chin, is a distinctive facial characteristic. Learn how this feature is caused or inherited.
    Published on  September 9, 2011 to Genetics

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