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About Me

Neil is the Director of Community at Bright Hub and the former Managing Editor of multiple channels within the Business and Personal Computing hubs.

As an Information Systems specialist and online media consultant, Neil has held positions at multi-national corporations and within national Healthcare and Financial institutions.

My Awards & Certifications

Neil received his B.Sc. in Information Technology from the University of Salford and an M.Sc. in Strategic Information Systems Management from the University of Sheffield. He has obtained several other professional qualifications and accreditations from such companies as Microsoft, Cisco, Lotus and ITIL in his career to date.

He performed post-masters training and consultancy in the fields of Strategic Informatics and Executive Decision Support Systems at the University of Connecticut and Sheffield Hallam University.

My Experience

From Neil:

As Director of Community here at Bright Hub I believe it is my primary responsibility to coordinate the publication of quality, technical material that stimulates learning, and enhances a person’s knowledge base. Working in conjunction with MEs I specialize in Technology and Social Sciences material, and encourage anyone with the technical skills as are so expertly on display here at Bright Hub, to join us as we deliver the best in online content. I am devoted and dedicated to the whole ethos of Bright Hub, what it stands for, and how it delivers unbiased expert content to our global audience. I am also proud to work with the many writers, marketers and developers within the Bright Hub community.

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