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  • Fundraising Using Kid's Artwork

    You may be used to the idea of using kid's artwork for fundraising by printing greeting cards but there a other ways to get the kids involved. Check out these creative ways to use kid's artwork to raise funds for your cause.
    Published on  July 11, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Everything You Need to Have Done before You Sell Your House

    Instead of allowing your house to sit on the market for a long time without any offers, it is wise to plan ahead before listing your home for sale. This article provides a checklist on how to get a house ready for sale and it can be used to get you to...
    Published on  July 6, 2011 to Home Buying, Selling & Renting

  • Obtaining an Investment Property with Less Down

    100% financing might sound like a mortgage myth, but there are ways to get an investment property with less down than you thought possible. This article shows how you can secure an investment mortgage loan with little or no down payment.
    Published on  July 6, 2011 to Home Buying, Selling & Renting

  • How to Save Money Clipping Coupons

    Every year millions of dollars in savings are offered to consumers in the form of coupons and yet those who find it difficult to make ends meet often do not take advantage of these opportunities to save. This article looks at how to save money clipping...
    Published on  June 30, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Saving Money in the Kitchen

    Lot of families want to find the answer to how to save money in the kitchen because this area is responsible for a large portion of the average household budget. This article looks at a few ideas that are worth implementing.
    Published on  June 30, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • How to Cope With the Loss of a Job

    Job loss can feel like the end of the road to many, but this can actually be an opportunity. This article explains why job loss occurs and details steps on how to cope with the loss of a job.
    Published on  June 29, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Cost to Travel by Train: A Time and Cost Comparison

    When you have to decide which mode of transportation to take, two factors come into play. How long will it take and how much will it cost. This article will touch on the time aspect but mainly will ask the question "what does it cost to travel by...
    Published on  June 29, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Ways to Lower Newborn Baby Expenses

    There are so many things that a new parent needs to get to make a new baby comfortable that the cost can be somewhat overwhelming. First babies especially can inspire parents to try to get it all but luckily there are ways to lower newborn baby expenses...
    Published on  June 29, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • Tips for Building a Home-Staging Business

    If you have always loved rearranging spaces, you are great at communicating with others and you are excited by real estate then a building a home staging business might be ideal. This article explores tips on how to get started in this field.
    Published on  June 28, 2011 to Home Office

  • Answering Your Questions About a Contract for the Sale of a House

    To sell a house there must be a "Contract for Sale of House" document. This contains the details pertaining to the transaction, and makes all aspects clear to avoid any possibility of misunderstanding.
    Published on  June 28, 2011 to Home Buying, Selling & Renting

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