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  • How to Successfully Navigate the Health Care Marketplace

    For many of us, the new health care marketplace is a bit of a mystery. And because it involves something as important as our health, that kind of uncertainty can be stress-inducing. Learn the basics of what health care plans are available.
    Published on  November 6, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Detroit's Bankruptcy Trial

    Bankruptcy would seem to solve many problems for Detroit, but it leaves many of its citizens in the lurch. Most hard hit would be retirees expecting to receive pensions from the city who would only receive 16 cents on the dollar. Learn more about what...
    Published on  November 4, 2013 to Accounting & Business Finance

  • Is Being Frugal Always a Good Thing?

    TV shows about extreme couponing have brought to light one aspect of extreme frugality. Sure, it pays (literally) to be frugal in order to live within your means, eliminate debt or save up for a big purchase. But can frugality be taken too far?
    Published on  October 29, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Are Parents Saving Enough for their Child's College Education?

    Part of the reason for the current student debt crisis is that parents are less and less able to help their child pay for tuition. Even parents who save up money have found that college tuition has increased at a rate far past inflation. Are there solutions...
    Published on  October 23, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Alternatives to the 401k

    The majority of Americans today rely on 401k accounts for retirement savings, but that is not the only option available. If your employer does not offer a 401k, or if you are simply looking to diversity your options, consider these alternatives.
    Published on  October 15, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • The Importance of Saving for Retirement: National Save for Retirement Week

    The third week of every October is National Save for Retirement Week. Based on the amount of savings the average American has for retirement, awareness of this issue is crucial.
    Published on  October 14, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Are Americans Saving Enough for Retirement?

    Studies show that the majority of Americans are not saving enough for retirement, and the pension plans and social security we think we will rely on may not be available. Learn why you should start taking retirement planning seriously.
    Published on  October 8, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Can Social Media Affect your Credit Score?

    You may have heard recently that some lending companies look at an individual's social media contacts to help determine their credit score. Should you start weeding through your Facebook friends? Turns out this fear is overblown and does not apply...
    Published on  October 3, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • Carbon Offsetting: Is it Effective?

    Carbon Offset programs have been around for several years, but not all programs are equal, and some have been proven to be scams. How can you be sure the program is effective?
    Published on  September 13, 2013 to Green Living

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