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  • Check your Spice Cupboard for Salmonella

    Would you like a side of salmonella with that sprinkle of pepper? The USDA recently released reports that high levels of salmonella have been found in imported spices. Learn the details here and what you as the consumer can do about it.
    Published on  October 4, 2013 to Medical Science

  • How to Fight a Forest Fire

    Can lighting a fire actually prevent a fire from spreading? Learn about some of the modern fire-fighting techniques that were recently used in Yosemite.
    Published on  October 3, 2013 to Green Living

  • Why Does the FDA Want to Ban E-Cigarettes?

    E-Cigarettes have been touted as a way enjoy smoking without the risk of the many adverse side-effects of regular cigarettes. But how healthy are they really? And why does the FDA want to ban online sales?
    Published on  September 10, 2013 to Medical Science

  • The Effect of Steroids on the Body

    Many athletes and others looking for quick fixes to a more powerful body may think taking steroids is a good idea. Steroids artificially promote hormones and can have dangerous effects on your body. Learn more here.
    Published on  August 26, 2013 to Medical Science

  • What's the Big Deal About Fracking?

    Hydraulic Fracking is a controversial topic these days. Many are concerned that this method of extracting natural gas from shale proves harmful to people and the environment.
    Published on  August 23, 2013 to Green Living

  • The Buzz About Bitcoins: Are They a Safe Form of Currency?

    Bitcoins have become a part of the news due to a recent court ruling that it is a real form of currency. Despite the expert opinions that it will help improve stability, Bitcoins can make some individuals feel uncomfortable due to their strictly digital...
    Published on  August 20, 2013 to Personal Finance

  • When the Sun's Magnetic Poles Flip: What This Means For Us

    Our friendly, neighborhood star undergoes a major change every 11 years. The last occurred in 2014. Learn what happens when the sun's magnetic poles flip and how this affects us.
    Published on  August 15, 2013 to Space

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