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  • Testing for Radon: A Must for Every Family

    What if I told you there could be something in your home more likely to cause lung cancer than cigarette smoke? Learn why every home should test for radon with this to-the-point FAQ.
    Published on  January 6, 2014 to Green Living

  • Why Corn Ethanol is Bad for the Environment

    Corn Ethanol is currently mixed with American gasoline and is often marketed as being cleaner and better for the environment. The truth is it can actually be just as damaging to the environment as gasoline. Learn more here.
    Published on  January 6, 2014 to Environmental Science

  • Beef: Grown in a Test Tube

    Cultured beef is created from the muscle tissues of a healthy cow and grown in the lab. Food critics have tried it, and found the flavor to be somewhat lacking. However, the experiment continues, and some think it's just a matter of time until it...
    Published on  December 19, 2013 to Green Living

  • Are GMOs the Answer to World Hunger?

    Monsanto claims that their genetically modified food products are good for the environment and for people. However, their products prove to be difficult and expensive to produce, with little of the health benefits they claim.
    Published on  December 17, 2013 to Green Living

  • How Excess Carbon Dioxide Affects Plant Life

    Most of us have heard dire warnings about the affect of carbon dioxide on our planet. However, some researchers have found some surprising upsides to the phenomenon. Carbon dioxide is essentially plant food, and air with excess carbon dioxide results...
    Published on  December 12, 2013 to Environmental Science

  • The Realities of Backyard Chickens

    It may seem like a fun and healthy endeavor to raise your own chickens for eggs, however those who go into the project uneducated may end up having to find a new home for their poultry. Learn some important facts about backyard chickens.
    Published on  November 15, 2013 to Green Living

  • The Move to Small Farming

    For the first time in years, statistics have shown a small increase in the amount of small farms. This increase in hobby or small farms reflects the consumer's interest in locally grown, fresh, organic food. Learn more about what this trend means...
    Published on  October 23, 2013 to Green Living

  • How Many Undiscovered Species are There?

    By the year 2010, scientists had discovered a whopping 1,941,939 species. Incredible as that is, there are new species still discovered every year. Learn how these numbers are calculated and how many species we still have left to discover.
    Published on  October 14, 2013 to Environmental Science

  • Problems with Noise Pollution Under the Sea

    We all have seen images of oil spills polluting the ocean and destroying the habitat of marine wildlife. Noise pollution does not get near the same amount of attention, but it can still be devastating to the fish and mammals who live under or near the...
    Published on  October 11, 2013 to Environmental Science

  • The Dangers of Mudslides: How Forest Fires Contribute to Flooding

    It may seem though rain would be a welcome relief to forest fires, however, heavy rain after a large fire can spell disaster. Fire destroys natural vegetation which holds soil in place and provides barriers to mudslides and flooding. The results can be...
    Published on  October 7, 2013 to Green Living

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