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August 13, 2013

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Lindsay Williams has a bachelor's in Environmental Science and a passion for all things green (coincidentally, it is also her favorite color). She works as a laboratory technician and enjoys writing in her spare time.

My Latest Articles

  • Testing for Radon: A Must for Every Family

    What if I told you there could be something in your home more likely to cause lung cancer than cigarette smoke? Learn why every home should test for radon with this to-the-point FAQ.
    Published on  January 6, 2014 to Green Living

  • Why Corn Ethanol is Bad for the Environment

    Corn Ethanol is currently mixed with American gasoline and is often marketed as being cleaner and better for the environment. The truth is it can actually be just as damaging to the environment as gasoline. Learn more here.
    Published on  January 6, 2014 to Environmental Science

  • Beef: Grown in a Test Tube

    Cultured beef is created from the muscle tissues of a healthy cow and grown in the lab. Food critics have tried it, and found the flavor to be somewhat lacking. However, the experiment continues, and some think it's just a matter of time until it...
    Published on  December 19, 2013 to Green Living

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