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Kim Ledingham

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November 11, 2013

About Me

I am a medical technologist with 27 years experience. For three years, I had a monthly column in ADVANCE for Medical Labotatory Professionals.

My Awards & Certifications

Certified by American Medical Technologists as a medical technologist.

Certified by American Society for Clinical Pathologists as a medical laboratory technician.

My Latest Articles

  • Foodborne Illness: Common Sources of Listeria and Other Bacteria

    Reports of food recalls for bacterial contamination are becoming more and more common. The news seemingly reports a new recall every few months. Where do these bacteria come from? How did the bacteria get into our food? How can we protect ourselves...
    Published on  February 23, 2014 to Medical Science

  • Does Wintertime Make You SAD?

    Ever have one of those days? It’s the middle of the winter. The sky is overcast with a blanket of grey clouds. Sun? What is that? You get out of bed, dragging, and it’s not even Monday.
    Published on  February 23, 2014 to Medical Science

  • How Well Do You Sleep?

    Sleep. Once thought of as an annoying, do-nothing, waste of time, scientists now understand that sleep provides the body with important time for restoration and regeneration. How well do you sleep? It’s an important question.
    Published on  January 22, 2014 to Medical Science

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