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About Me

Kellie Hayden has been a freelance writer for the past five years and writes mostly about education. In addition, she has written college textbook chapters and ELA assessment questions for various publishing companies. As a seasoned veteran teacher with 19 years of service, she has mentored many new teachers, teaching fellows and pre-service teachers.

My Awards & Certifications

  • Master Teacher status
  • Learning Forward Ohio board member
  • National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent Young Adult English Language Arts, 2000
  • Ohio Council of Teacher of English Language Arts Outstanding English Language Arts Educator Award, 2003
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, & 2007

My Experience

Writing Experience:

At Bright Hub, I am a Senior Writer, and at I am a Feature Writer. I write mostly about curriculum, lesson plans, new teachers, classroom management strategies, etc. For the past five years, I have also been writing ELA assessment questions and textbook chapters. In addition, I am the newsletter coordinator for Learning Forward Ohio.

Education Experience:

I am a teacher in Southeastern Ohio with a Masters plus 30 hours in education. I teach 7th and 8th grade talented and gifted language arts, honors 8thgrade language arts, 8th grade language arts and drama. My students and I stage two plays a year. In addition, I teach evening writing and communication courses at a local small college. In the past, I have taught grades English for grades 6-12.

My Latest Articles

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    Your English students need to practice their spelling. This activity lets students work together in pairs to pronounce and spell each vocabulary word and to correct their own errors.
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