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I am dedicated to continuous improvement, and not just for myself. I am committed to enabling others around me to assess their own best practices, perform personal gap analyses, and add new skills, efficiencies and experiences to their arsenal.

Personally, I try to focus on this attribute as well. I have spun myself a "career web" from one discipline to the next, instead of a ladder to the top, and have held wonderful positions in Training, Sales, Marketing, and Professional Services at a software company over the last sixteen years. The common themes have always been on uncovering technical details, inspiring staff development and leadership, and determining and prioritizing requirements and their corresponding solutions. All of these are central elements of enabling others, from product development to course development and job support.

This translates into my personal life as well, where I've enjoyed hiking, kayaking, canoe camping, Irish Rowing, road cycling, and power lifting!

Continuous improvement. Whatever it takes!

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