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Jonathan Henley

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November 19, 2013

About Me

I work with & for organisations with their marketing and communications; with strategy and planning, the design, the look and the feel. I make marketing, messaging, collateral and online come alive.

Words and pictures, presentations, events, thought leadership, content, web sites, social media, internal - each tool, channel, place and space has a role to play and I direct those players to the maximum effect.

I am relentlessly customer and benefit focused; if the audiences can be identified, I can help you talk to them, engage them, persuade them, share with them then build relationships with them.

I am looking for a new challenge, whether freelance, contract, interim, consultancy or full-time permanent. I want to help organisations improve their marketing and improve the lives of others. Please do get in touch to talk about mutually rewarding opportunities, roles, marketing issues that need solving (trad and new media), or just to bounce some ideas around, please do get in touch.

The full marketing mix is there for a reason - so I use it, using messaging style, metaphor and tone to reflect you and your target audiences, talking to prospects and customers, where they are, in words they use, in places they meet.

I save you money, buying from agencies in a more effective way. I have a proven track record of getting the very best out of marketing and creative teams and external partners.

How? By always putting the thinking before the drawing, and by delivering marketing thinking in a more innovative, effective, engaging, and compelling way, that delivers tangible benefits.

I mentor, I coach, I lead and I work with colleagues to help them achieve their objectives in work, in their careers, in their understanding and application of the best in marketing, digital, events, design and advertising.

My Experience

• A marketing professional, creative, experienced and highly motivated

• Deep and expert experience in B2B marketing and communications

• Thorough knowledge of – and belief in – the complete marketing mix

• Ability to work traditionally and digitally, with deep IT skills and knowledge

• Always focussed on business growth and development

• Extensive experience of building own businesses, placing sales at the core of every marketing activity

• Able to devise, plan, write and deliver effective marketing plans

• Able to make budgets work harder, through better procurement, planning and process

• A thirst and a hunger for improving visual and written quality and commercial effectiveness of all communications and marketing output, across all formats for each audience

• Extensive experience of working with internal teams and external agencies to get the best marketing, creative and communications output at the right cost, at the right time, delivered in the right channel

• A persuasive and confident presenter, able to work with colleagues and external stakeholders at every level of the business

• Steeped in empathy for the customer, stakeholders and the business – ensuring their individual needs and objectives are understood and communicated, and achieved

• Ability to coach, mentor and develop marketing teams, designers and staff, in addition to experience developing and coaching senior management in online and communications activities and their benefits

• Multi-channel, multi-sector B2B experience

• Experience of matrix-managed large organisations, start-ups and SMEs

• A constant drive to improve business effectiveness and profile – very brand aware

• Able to author, edit or commission Thought Leadership pieces – a true marketing copywriter

• Experience of seminars, conferences, exhibition stand design and multi-media presentations

• I can bring a visionary, ‘big picture’ view to an organisation, across channels traditional and hyper-modern whilst being rooted firmly in the realities of KPIs, business objectives and stakeholders.

My working philosophy – the two principles to which I adhere at all times:

• Put the thinking before the drawing, i.e. don’t just do what is asked but ask why first; and

• Improve, improve, improve – deliver marketing thinking in a more innovative, effective, engaging, and compelling way, that delivers benefits for my business.

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