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Jay Banks

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March 04, 2013

About Me

Jay Banks has been a Vancouver Realtor and keen business professional interested in a broad array of economic issues for two decades. He has devoted his professional life to helping people buy and sell Vancouver homes.

My Awards & Certifications

Medallion Club winner for fourteen years (top 10% of all realtors in the Lower Mainland).

RE/Max Hall of Fame Award

Diamond Master Medallion Club status (15 -19 years Medallion Club member).

Four-year member of RE/MAX Platinum Club.

Multi-year member of RE/MAX 100% Club & RE/MAX President's Club.

2009 Finalist for the REBGV Professional Excellence Award.

My Experience

I've been a Vancovuer Realtor working in the Vancouver and Richmond real estate markets for more than 20 years.

My Latest Articles

  • Resources Running Out: Rare Metals around Us

    Our world today depends heavily on computers, cell phones and other technology which leaves us vulnerable not only to natural disasters, but also to the depletion of resources needed to create these devices. Learn how important some rare metals are to...
    Published on  April 9, 2013 to Renewable Energy

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