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  • Insert Microsoft Word Data Into an Oracle Database

    There are numerous advantages of storing Microsoft Word data in a database table. You can save it for future recall and perform queries on the data. This can be especially useful for indexing and querying Word documents, especially those that are very...
    Published on  October 8, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • The PlayStation Network Attack

    The compromising of thousands of subscription accounts in the recent Sony PlayStation security issue illustrates just how easy it is to attack computer systems of any kind if they are not well defended. The Sony PlayStation subscriptions were a soft target...
    Published on  August 17, 2011 to Computer Security

  • AutohotKey Tutorials Part 2: Clipboard History

    Now it is possible to create your own clipboard history file, with a time and date. Simply follow the instructions and examples in part 2 of the Autohotkey tutorial and you will build yourself a useful little application in no time!
    Published on  July 19, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • Autohotkey Scripts "By Example": Tutorials on Automating Windows Tasks

    Wouldn't it be great if you could automate all those BORING tasks in your daily routine simply by delegating windows tasks to an automated program? Now for some people this would be impossible without an expert programmer, but now there is a solution...
    Published on  July 13, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • Linux Open Source University Registration Software

    University registration is an important process, but perhaps only occurs once or twice a year at most universities. Commercial software for student registrations can be expensive. It is worth considering the Linux alternatives.
    Published on  July 8, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • The Best Linux Database Software

    Save your company or yourself a fortune on free powerful database software provided by Free and Open Source Linux alternatives.
    Published on  June 29, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • 10 Reliable Disc Cloning Tools

    Darn this sucks! Do you ever find yourself cursing your luck, because you have not saved your precious data and the hard drive is completely beyond repair? If not, have you ever wondered what it might feel like if this does happen to you?...
    Published on  June 2, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • System Configuration Management: Open Source Software Options

    Free software tools for configuration management? You don't have to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars to obtain good configuration management tools for your company. There are some great, free tools available that will do the job and are...
    Published on  May 26, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • Share One Set of Data In Excel and Access.

    Sharing data between Access and Excel is possible by linking information so that it is visible in either software.This provdes a level of convenience to view data as a set of database records, or to view and analyze information in a spreadsheet including...
    Published on  May 25, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • USB KVM Switches for Two Screens

    KVM devices save space, time and aggravation by allowing you to use one keyboard, mouse and monitor with two or more computers. Simply press a switch and you are on one of your computers. Press the same switch again and you are on the other one. It makes...
    Published on  May 17, 2011 to Computer Hardware

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