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  • Child Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques

    Photographing children can be a great way to capture fleeting moments that you want to remember forever. If you're looking for tips and tricks for photographing children, look no further. With ideas for poses, ideal camera settings, and how to keep...
    Published on  December 6, 2011 to Digital Photography

  • Foreign Investment: Good or Evil?

    Imagine real estate prices, the stock market and wages shrinking by approximately 20 percent. In fact, this potential threat to the United States economy is possible -- but only in the event that every country decided to stop investing money or loaning...
    Published on  December 1, 2011 to Investing

  • The Future of Monitors for Gamers and Beyond - 3D and Touch Screen

    What's new in the world of computer displays? Believe it or not, touch screen monitors are going to be part of the shift toward new interface types, and Windows 8 will help drive that change. Learn more about some of the best monitors for gaming...
    Published on  November 21, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • Must-Bookmark Guide to Understanding the Stock Market

    There is so much information to absorb about the stock market and how it operates. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned investor, there are always new things to learn. Whether you are interested in the market's impact on your retirement or...
    Published on  November 15, 2011 to Investing

  • Power Up PowerPoints on Your iPad

    Have you heard of SlideShark, the new free app that lets you run PowerPoint presentations from your iPad? Here we look at some pros and cons of using the app, and whether or not it will truly let you leave the laptop at home.
    Published on  November 15, 2011 to Mac Platform

  • Shoebox: Make Your Old Photos Digital

    Shoebox is a free app that lets you use the iPhone or iPad camera to take pictures of old photos, then it automatically crops and adjusts them for you. It's the fastest way to archive old images. Learn more about how it works in this review.
    Published on  November 15, 2011 to iPhone

  • Pros and Cons of Video Chats With the iPad 2

    A look into the options you have when using your iPad to hold a video conference. We'll compare it to using a laptop or other conferencing hardware, plus recommend a few apps.
    Published on  November 13, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • PC Virus Quiz - Do These Symptoms Mean Your Computer Is Infected?

    Do you know how to recognize a virus infection on a computer? Take our ten question quiz to see if you can tell normal system activity apart from malicious viruses, malware, and other threats.
    Published on  November 8, 2011 to Computer Security

  • Fun with the iPad Video Camera

    The iPad 2 has front and rear facing video cameras, but what can you do with them? Quite a lot, actually! Here we look at some of the features and options available, plus some of the best video apps for your iPad.
    Published on  October 31, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • Run Windows From an iPad With Splashtop Remote Desktop

    Wouldn't it be cool to run your Windows applications from your iPad? With the Splashtop Remote Desktop app, you can run programs, access files, and more. It's just like sitting in front of your PC. Learn about this awesome app and how to use...
    Published on  October 28, 2011 to Computer Hardware

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