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October 09, 2013

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Andrew (Drew) C. Marshall is the Principal of Primed Associates, an innovation consultancy. He lives in central New Jersey and works with clients across the U.S. and around the world. He is a co-host of a weekly innovation-focused Twitter chat, #innochat; the founder, host, and producer of Ignite Princeton; and a contributor to the Innovation Excellence blog. He is also providing support for the implementation of the Design Thinking for Scholars model with the Network of Leadership Scholars (a network within the Academy of Management).

My Latest Articles

  • How to Overcome the Biggest Challenges Facing B2B Innovation

    In the competitive business world, innovation is an essential survival factor. While this strategy is commonplace in the B2C sphere, many B2B businesses are still struggling to catch up with this trend. Here some ways to overcome your biggest challenges...
    Published on  October 16, 2014 to Entrepreneurs

  • How an Innovation Consultant Can Help You Get Unstuck

    An innovation consultant could be a launch pad for your efforts, helping you get unstuck and jump into a more creative and positive trajectory. The challenge is knowing why you need help, where you can find help and what success will look like.
    Published on  September 9, 2014 to Entrepreneurs

  • How to Fail Your Way to Success

    Nobody wants to fail, but when handled with the proper approach, your failures can actually be precursors to success.
    Published on  August 29, 2014 to Entrepreneurs

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