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About Me

Arun K Acharya is into multimedia content design & creation. With over 14 years of experience in the field that started as Multimedia Works Incharge at Sunbeam Educational Institutions in Apr 1998, he now covers everything related to multimedia educational and promotional material for training and corporate institutions as well as the Internet.

Technology and electronics had always been a passion since kid. He got thrased by his father when he created an amplifier out of his dad's radio! The passion took him to practically experiencing electronics - especially computers & software. That experience, he shares, is present on Bright Hub as well as on other sites on the Internet.

Right now, he is offering multimedia content for both online and offline use: text, graphics, sound, 2D animations and small videos. He also offers sound editing/mixing and audio restoration services. Among other services are business communications: presentations, email templates, reports and charts.

Arun also offers 'free business advice online' for those thinking of starting their own ventures and college students. A wide range of experience and a team of learned people assist people with different aspects of small businesses.

Please visit Services At Powercut Media for details of how you can use our services for your profits.

If you wish to contact Arun directly, just send a mail to

My Awards & Certifications

  • Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for Windows (2010 - 2012)
  • Certification in Computers from Dept of Electronics, Govt of India
  • Certification in 2D Animations, Audio/Vision Mixing and Graphics
  • Certifications in photography and photo mixing certificates

My Experience

The above explains it, I guess.

My Latest Articles

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