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Diana Hardin has an MA in English, a BS in chemistry, and a minor in music. She worked as an environmental chemist for 10 years before going back to school to get her graduate degree in English. She taught English at the university level for 5 years and now works as a freelance writer and music teacher.

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  • Super-Earths - Can They Sustain Life?

    A super-Earth is a planet which exists outside of our solar system (extra-solar) and is similar to Earth in density. Might these planets be capable of inhabiting life? Read on, to find out.
    Published on  June 30, 2011 to Space

  • Cardiovascular Technician

    What is a cardiovascular technician? Read further to see if this could be the career for you.
    Published on  April 1, 2011 to Medical Science

  • Exploring Career Options in Astronomy

    Although astronomy is the oldest science, in many respects it is also the newest science, because each year brings new discoveries and new insights into our perspective of the universe. Thinking about a career in astronomy? Read on.
    Published on  February 15, 2011 to Space

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