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  • Does Failure Make You Stronger or Weaker?

    If Elvis Presley had believed the Grand Ole Opry manager who fired him and advised him to stop singing, he would never have achieved his ultimate success. Your response to failure determines your destiny.
    Published on  April 24, 2012 to Entrepreneurs

  • Career Quiz: Have You Heard of These Jobs?

    We've scoured the Internet to come up with some of the most obscure, unheard of jobs to include in our unusual career quiz. If you've always wondered just what, exactly, a comb capper does, you'll find out if you can make it through all 15...
    Published on  December 7, 2011 to Career Planning & Development

  • Learn Desktop Publishing Online With These Tips

    Thanks to the abundance of technology available on the Web, you can teach yourself how to be a desktop publisher and do all your studies online. Learn what you need to know right now to get started.
    Published on  November 30, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Will Traditional Book Publishers Slowly Fade Away?

    Does the fact that as a writer I can self-publish my books and bypass the traditional publishing model mean that publishing as we know it is on the decline? In my opinion; no, it doesn't mean that at all. Here's why I think publishers...
    Published on  November 29, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • A Basic Guide to Retail Accounting

    Are you looking for some expert advice to help you with your retail accounting? Browse this guide of tips, techniques and resources from the Bright Hub library of general accounting tips.
    Published on  November 26, 2011 to Accounting & Business Finance

  • Is the Voice of the Customer Getting Stronger?

    The recent boycotts of companies like Netflix and Bank of America reveal just the tip of the iceberg of consumer dissatisfaction with low quality products and services and little or no customer service. Today's consumer is well equipped with tools...
    Published on  November 23, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

  • A Guide to Working With Adobe InDesign

    No matter if you have been using Adobe InDesign for years or you are just learning the system, you will find this guide to be chockful of useful resources. Bookmark this page for easy reference as you will likely find yourself referring to it often for...
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Desktop Publishing

  • Answers to Common Questions on Fund Raisers and Charitable Donations

    You're happy to donate that unwanted vehicle or appliance to charity but what happens now? What are the IRS guidelines and rules for claiming charitable donations, and how can you ensure you are in compliance? This guide answers FAQs about...
    Published on  November 16, 2011 to Personal Finance

  • 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Customers Hate You

    If you think bad customer management won't hurt your business too much, better think again. Bank of America and Netflix just learned extremely expensive lessons about the dangers of making their customers hate them. Here are ten things you should...
    Published on  November 13, 2011 to Entrepreneurs

  • Guide to Time Management and the Home Office Worker

    Are you tired of fighting the battle of too much to do in too little time? The tips and techniques you will find in this time management guide will help you learn to prioritize your tasks and invest your time in those projects and activities that...
    Published on  November 12, 2011 to Home Office

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