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January 12, 2016

About Me

David Adams is the founder of HomeSuite, an online marketplace for temporary furnished housing that uses technology, data, and customer service to provide the best possible experience for tenants and landlords. Connect with David on Twitter.

My Latest Articles

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    Whether it's your first interview, or your fifth, everyone can use a few pointers to set them up for success. After interviewing dozens of candidates for a variety of positions, here are four tips I can give you to impress your interviewees.
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  • 5 Keys to Enjoying A New or Temporary Home

    Whether you’re in high school or college, working in a mailroom or at an investment bank, that first internship or job can be both exciting and stressful. Throw in the fact that many people’s first internships are in a new city, and the experience...
    Published on  January 14, 2016 to Home Buying, Selling & Renting

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