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  • Charting Data within a Single Cell in Excel 2013

    There’s no doubting the usefulness of charts to spot trends and patterns, but they are impractically large for illustrating individual records. However, Excel 2013’s sparklines supports charting within cells themselves, so you can have hundreds...
    Published on  April 14, 2016 to Windows Platform

  • Changing Text Capitalization in Excel 2013

    Excel 2013 relies on functions to change capitalization. The LOWER, UPPER and PROPER functions change text in referenced cells to lowercase, uppercase or proper case. This method requires a formula in another cell, but you can copy the results to the...
    Published on  April 7, 2016 to Windows Platform

  • Using Goal Seek in Excel 2013

    One of the best forecasting tools in Excel 2013 is the Goal Seek feature. Learn where to access and ways that you can use this What-If Analysis option.
    Published on  April 7, 2016 to Windows Platform

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