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Carly Stockwell

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June 10, 2008

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Content and Media Director at Bright Hub.

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B. A. in English

Studied abroad in Oxford, England

Reader in the Bodleian Library - I got a special library card after signing a document swearing I wouldn't damage any books or light any fires.

Writing & Literacy Tutor

Library Supervisor

SEO Specialist at Bright Hub

My Latest Articles

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    Looking to get a degree in engineering? Check out this list of the top 10 engineering schools before going any further!
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    Offering a seasonal internship is appealing to many companies. It’s a great way to gain new insight into your business, as well as get low-cost or even free work. But there is much more to an internship than free labor, and treating your interns...
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  • A Guide to Personal Financial Freedom: Is it Fact or Fiction?

    Late night TV is filled with ads from so-called personal finance experts who will happily take several of your hard-earned dollars and give you the secrets of financial freedom. But, you don't really need to cough up some of your extra dough. Instead...
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