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  • Legal Rights of Photographers: What Every Professional Should Know

    Do you know your rights as a photographer? As long as you are following the law, you are free to take pictures of any person or thing in a public location, and should not be asked to give up photos or equipment. Learn your legal rights, and in what...
    Published on  March 12, 2014 to Digital Photography

  • The Beauty in Cloudy Day Photography

    One might think that cloudy days would not present the most ideal conditions for picture taking, however, photographing on overcast days can produce some of your most dramatic shots.
    Published on  November 27, 2013 to Digital Photography

  • The Basics of Depth of Field

    Depth of field is usually one of the more complicated concepts for beginning photographers to grasp. There are numerous scales, numbers and charts that may seem intimidating to a novice. However, it is a technique that will set your photographs apart...
    Published on  November 20, 2013 to Digital Photography

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