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About Me

I am the daughter of a California mother and an Oklahoma father who met in The Bay Area of California. Dad's family came here to leave the Oklahoma "Dustbowl" in a vehicle he describes as straight out of the film version of Grapes of Wrath. As one of six children, we were raised in the San Joaquin Valley (also called The Bread Basket of the Nation) of California where the summer heat gets as hot as a fry pan and the winter fog is so thick we call it "pea soup".

I always had a knack for writing and my brothers hated that I never had to practice to the weekly spelling test. Also an avid reader of biographies ( mostly authorized or autobiographies), I love my Kindle almost as much as my quiet Pomeranian, Rusty, but not quite as much a coconut creme pie.

My Awards & Certifications

  • Certified A.I.M.S. Institute Educator
  • Certified Project G.L.A.D. ESL Instructor
  • Certified All Kinds of Minds Educator

My Experience

In California, the year of the infamous Proposition 13 passed school districts budgets dried up and thousands of teachers were being layed off all over the state. Yet my home town of Visalia, CA was growing by leaps and bounds and they were building schools; so I garnered my first teaching position, first grade, right after earning my teaching credential.

My K-12 Life Credential has served me well and allowed me to teach at any position in those grades in which the curriculum was multiple subjects. This worked great for me because, at the time, I was an educator who thrived on change and change grades I did. I have taught every grade except second and eighth. This is because some of my experience was at tiny country K-8 schools where I taught three grades, say 3rd, 4th, 5th, in one room. Better yet, most of them were somehow related and the students all helped and liked each other! But, whew, talk about learning to differentiate in one room. My high school experience was gathered when I was asked to join a team that help open a "second chance" type charter school attached to a local nonprofit. The young men and women between 16-25 attending were often newly released from county jails or state prisons. That adventure stretched me for sure and I relished in the young people I helped and staff with which I was privileged to work.

Besides teaching children, I've also always got a kick out of volunteering to be a master/mentor teaching to new teachers. My first year of teaching was miserable, frought with tears and idea fatigue so by nurturing future teachers my goal was to, hopefully, save them some of what I experienced.

Today. . .I tutor, really it's just another term for teacher, I am just doing it the optimal way, one to one. I coach ADHD students and adults of all ages and am working toward certification in this skill. I still cannot let go of that part of me that enjoys hearing, "Can you say that just one more time, please?" and, of course, the "Ohhhh, now I get it!"