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  • MacBook Air: Slimline Good Looks, Limited Capacity

    Three years on from the launch of the amazing MacBook Air, the computer is now beginning to show its age with Apple once more refusing to increase the hard disk capacity...
    Published on  November 29, 2011 to Mac Platform

  • Is There More to Come from Nokia?

    With new phones rumored and big success for the Nokia Lumia 800 in Europe, things are looking up for the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer, not least further Windows Phone success with even more devices such as the mysterious Lumia 900 or "Ace"...
    Published on  November 28, 2011 to News on Mobile Phones

  • Install, Use and Troubleshoot the Mint Operating System!

    Are you thinking about switching to the Linux Mint distro? Even before it became the most popular version of Linux, Mint was drawing great reviews, so if you haven't tried it yet, what's stopping you?
    Published on  November 27, 2011 to Linux Platform

  • Google Gave Gmail a Facelift

    Whether you're a big fan of Gmail or use it out of necessity, you should be pretty happy to find that the slightly tired-looking user interface has finally been updated with a choice of slick and functional new styles. But what else has changed?
    Published on  November 25, 2011 to Google

  • Get the Best Geek Gifts This Holiday!

    Anyone having trouble finding the right gifts for the geek in their life has come to the right place/ In this article we highlight the top hardware, PC components, notebooks, tablet keyboards and more.
    Published on  November 23, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • Prove Your Google Docs Knowledge!

    Browser based online office solution Google Documents features three tools: a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentations editor. But how much do you know about them?
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Google

  • How a Slide Master Can Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentation

    There are many ways to go about the business of creating a slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint. While you might prefer to simply add and configure each slide as you go, long-term users have discovered that a Slide Master can save a lot of time.
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • Basic PowerPoint Presentation Tips

    If you're new to PowerPoint, you might find that the wealth of options are overwhelming when you first encounter them. Fortunately, getting started is remarkably easy, as long as you ignore the more complicated features!
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Windows Platform

  • Fancy Seeing Your Facebook Comments Listed in Google?

    Google is rolling out yet another new feature that might change the way we use the web. If you regularly comment on articles with Facebook or Disqus your thoughts are about to be unwrapped for all the world to see as they begin to appear in Google search...
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Google

  • Sync Notes, Task Lists and More on Your Windows Phone

    Thanks to the Microsoft Office Mobile application OneNote you can sync all sorts of useful data between your Windows Phone, PC and Windows Live!
    Published on  November 22, 2011 to Windows Mobile

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