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  • Add Clip Art Borders to Microsoft Word Documents

    Microsoft Word documents can be spruced up with the addition of clip art - this guide looks at how to import and use borders.
    Published on  February 23, 2015 to Windows Platform

  • Why You Should Stop Hating Microsoft

    Everybody knows that Microsoft has done some bad stuff in the past... but over the past few years they've worked hard to shed the image of a corporate monster in favor of innovation, style and usability. Surprised?
    Published on  June 18, 2012 to Windows Platform

  • Game Over? PC Gaming Always Has an Extra Life

    Whether you're a fan of PC or console gaming, the fact remains that the PC gaming hardware market looks set to expand over the next few years, which is impressive considering the economic climate.
    Published on  January 18, 2012 to Computer Hardware

  • Google Calendar Collaboration Tips

    There is more to Google than search and email - its calendar tool offers appointment and calendar sharing functionality that is on a par with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
    Published on  December 16, 2011 to Google

  • After the Tsunami Trojan Knocked Down Mac's Door, What's Next?

    The threat of a malware explosion on Mac OS X has been low until recently, when more and more threats have been identified. With Mac use increasing, scammers are now targeting OS X by porting previously successful malware from the equally secure Linux...
    Published on  December 16, 2011 to Mac Platform

  • Federal Communications Commission Assistance for Online Attacks

    With the threat of online attacks seemingly targeted at specific businesses and organizations, the FCC has taken the unprecedented step of providing guidance to small and medium businesses across the USA.
    Published on  December 15, 2011 to Security & Privacy

  • Ultra-portable, High Speed Storage for Mac and PC!

    Portable, high-speed storage courtesy of Western Digital? You can't go wrong with a fast backup solution and thanks to FireWire 800 connectivity, you can store 500 GB or 1 TB with the My Passport Studio portable hard disk drive.
    Published on  December 8, 2011 to Computer Hardware

  • Is Anonymous Really That Bad?

    They've got a reputation for upsetting big corporations and forcing transparency in the way customer data is used - pretty cool stuff, really - but Anonymous are also often described as criminal hackers. So which is it?
    Published on  December 5, 2011 to Computer Security

  • Ten Knock Out Steve Jobs Speeches

    The late Steve Jobs was well-known for his compelling, passionate presentations and speeches. Here are the 10 greatest oratory moments of his amazing career.
    Published on  November 29, 2011 to Mac Platform

  • Windows 8 Will Kill Your Expectations

    The coming release of Windows 8 has got tech commentators and bloggers all of a flutter, but will it really do all that is expected? Is it an iOS killer, an app killer... or is it even a Microsoft killer?
    Published on  November 29, 2011 to Windows Platform

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